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I am Yasuko Bando, the representative of KIME dress HIME.
The reason why HIME was launched is that as one of the Japanese people who is very fascinated by the Japanese culture, such as the embroidery and dyeing of kimonos and obi, it makes this wonderful beauty for as many young people as possible and for many people overseas. I want you to know how good it is and to wear it! Instead of wearing the original kimono, we wanted to make you a memorable memory that you want to shine as a dress for a special occasion.

About 14 years ago, when my daughter got married, I couldn't find the dress I liked at the reception, so I revived the nap I had at that time.

And she made her shine as the only dress in the world, and it became an even more special day. After that, my jacket was made extra and I still wear it for special parties and calls.
By all means, please dress up with your own dress in the world, a special day dress for you and your child to commemorate on the occasion of the wonderful history of life.
And it will be a heirloom dress that will be passed down from parents to children.

HIME representative Yasuko Bando and friends