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Why Not Make Only One Kimono Dress In The World? Why Not Make Only One Kimono Dress In The World?

I want to make my own legend!!
It's a special announcement for you.
Only one in the world,
Your original kimono dress
Why not make one?
And a lot of wonderful memories,
Would you like to make it?

What is a kimono dress?

Kimono dresses are a new type of fashion that uses the material of kimono as a dress.

Unlike kimono, it is very easy to wear. Easy. So going out is a lot of fun.

Perhaps you might be able to talk to handsome guys. Please feel yourself higher.

Kimono dress 1
Kimono dress 2

Wearing a kimono dress allows you to walk with pride, no matter where you are in the world. All the foreigners around you will look to you.

Kimono dress 3

With this one on, you don't have to worry about what to wear, whether it's a party, an event, a celebration or a birthday. If you get lost, please do this.

What kind of scene do you wear?

Customer testimonials 1

You'll be attending a party abroad, and if you're willing to wear special costumes! I bought it, thinking that.

First of all, I'm wearing special costumes, so it makes me feel better just by coming. In addition, the dress I ordered is very conspicuous in red and gold, and when I am waiting for a train or bus, I often get voices from people passing by at the traffic lights.

Customer testimonial 2

Anyway it's pretty. Even at parties, you can say that it's wonderful.

Ban-chan thanked me very much for using it on stage and at parties. Anyway it's pretty. Even at parties, you can say that it's wonderful. I would like to recommend it to my singing students and colleagues.

Thoughts on kimono dresses

Hello.Kimono Dress HimeThis is Yasuko Bando.

Through this kimono dress, I would like to tell the world a story in which kimono dresses are passed down as Japanese culture from parents to children, children or grandchildren, and the thoughts of my own home and family are passed down! So I started this business.

Kimono Dress Hime Representative Yasuko Bando

Japanese looks more cute! We are aiming for such a world. Kimono dresses are very popular with foreigners.

I want to convey the uniqueness of Japan, and I would like to convey the image of good culture, taste, and taste that is unique to Japan.

Words found only in Japanese, which are not in plain English

I want to create a quaint world.

I also hope that foreigners will enjoy Japanese culture. With that in mind, I make kimono dresses.

Kimono Dress Hime
Representative Yasuko Bando

Kimono dress

By the way, how much will you do?

I think that you have been interested in hearing this, but I'm sure you're concerned about the price, right?

That's right. There is an image that such things are somewhat expensive. How much would it cost to make a real kimono? Well, there are various, but if it is good, it will cost 1 million or 2 million, isn't it?

Kimono dress

Kimono dress¥ 200,000Can be made from

The price you often buy isAround 500,000 yenThere are many

Depending on your budget, we will discuss various matters.

Kimono dresses can be used for a lifetime.

Please be assured that the items you have purchased will be maintained for a long time.

There is only one kimono dress in your own world, so until you are satisfied, think about the design and make the perfect dress for you.

Price example

Work on only some materials
From ¥ 200,000
Basic dress
From ¥ 500,000
With special design
¥ 800,000 ~

You can prepare the fabric used for the kimono dress here, or you can bring your own kimono. Please feel free to contact us.

Order flow

  1. Apply for an individual interview from the inquiry form
    We will contact you by email or LINE about the schedule.
  2. Conduct free individual interviews
    We will quote according to your budget and request.
  3. Purchase application / payment
  4. Design / Production
    After settlement, we will discuss the design.
  5. Delivery

"I want to hear more!"If you feel like this, please apply for an individual interview now using this form.

Kimono Dress Hime Representative Yasuko Bando

The life of a person is limited, isn't it? Time is important, isn't it? When will you make your legend?

How about wearing a kimono dress to accompany you to make memories? Would you please tell me the legend and memories you want to make?