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Present campaign ♪

For those who want to please their loved ones with unusual gifts!
Or, please use it as a gift for yourself or someone close to you.

At KIMONO DRESS HIME, we have a lineup of unique and special products regardless of age, gender, or gift scene. I am sure that those who get it will experience a special joy.

I want you to enjoy your daily life safely and healthily even in the case of Corona.
We will give you an original mask as a gift to everyone who purchases it.

Give a special time to your loved ones

The unique one-of-a-kind dress is one size fits all.
It's easy to match with your favorite accessories, and it's elegant and comfortable.
Choose as an outfit for special parties such as anniversary dinners, reunions and ceremonies.

The outfit that makes use of traditional Japanese fabrics combines beauty and modernity, and is outstanding in originality.

Bags and pouches also match Western clothing.

Shoe bags are very convenient for changing shoes on the go. You can carry your precious footwear beautifully.

To accompany a little outing

Even in the case of Corona, I think there are many opportunities to go out with a smartphone or wallet for everyday shopping, walking, lunch or tea at Open Tenlas. I want you to use it in such a case.

It matches very well with simple outfits and is a good accent.
I would like you to add a little cheerful feeling to your daily life.

Pochette S can hold a smartphone. Pochette L is large enough to hold a long wallet.

The bucket-shaped bag has a drawstring purse on the inner bag. You can combine the drawstring bag as a bag-in-bag with another bag.
The bag has a larger capacity than it looks, so it is convenient when you go out with a little baggage.

It's cute, crisp, and sure to be your favorite!

Fashionable items for men

For men, how about a clutch bag or bow tie?
Even for a simple shirt, just by coordinating a bow tie and a pocket square, you can create a personality and fashion.

There is also a type of men's clutch bag M that can be carried vertically.
Each has a pocket on the back of the bag.

There are interior goods that are perfect for celebrations and gratitude.

Mandarin duck, Shochikuume, Kisshobun, Treasure, Gosho cart. How about interior goods using auspicious motifs?

A Japanese interior that is gorgeous and elegant.
I think you will be very pleased with it as a gift for moving, celebrating, and thanking you.