Bag, accessory

A hearty gift

Tomoko Fujii From Yoshiaki Fujii

Put your cell phone, wallet, or business card in the chrysanthemum-patterned pochette.

While imagining the existence that gives happiness like a flower

I usually use it.

A black pouch for a birthday present.

It is said that the seven types of treasure patterns represent "peacefulness".

I use this heartfelt gift for my passbook and seal.

The table runner was given as a gift.

I want to be a "Mandarin duck couple" in both name and reality with a wonderful mandarin duck pattern.

I am decorating it with a wish.

Salon energy up

From Chikako Yasuda and Sanae Watanabe

It is displayed in the salon ♡

After placing the work with the higher vibration,

The energy of the salon goes up,

It has become a gathering place for wonderful people

I feel it.

Looks good on fashionable clothes

From Mr. Lee Yang

On my 58th birthday, I received a wonderful gift from my best friend.

Light and easy to use.

It looks good on fashionable clothes.

Thank you very much.

Everything is so nice that it makes me excited

From Reiko Nakauchi

"A princess product has arrived from Japan.

All of them are so nice that I am excited.

Everything is a one-of-a-kind original product made from kimono and obi, and it's just gorgeous.

I wanted all of them, so I ordered various things.

Exciting to use

Thank you, Himeban-chan. "

You'll be attending a party abroad, and if you're willing to wear special costumes! I bought it, thinking that.

Miyagawa Hazuki

Purchased Item: Kimono Dress

Why (where) did you get to know this product?

Banchan introduced me.

Did you know this product and purchased it immediately? What would you be worried about if you didn't buy it?

Not immediately. It's a special item, so I ordered it when I had a chance to wear it.

What made you decide to buy this product?

You'll be attending a party abroad, and if you're willing to wear special costumes! I bought it, thinking that.

In what scene did you use this product?

At an overseas party. Even in Japan, I wore it when attending a party or watching an opera concert.

How about actually using the product? I think that you were happy when you tried using kimono dresses and accessories, but please tell us about your feelings and impressions at that time.

First of all, I'm wearing special costumes, so it makes me feel better just by coming. Also, the dress I ordered is very conspicuous in red and gold, so when I'm waiting for a train or bus, I often get voices from people passing by when waiting for a signal. At that time, I feel a little special.

Who would you recommend this product to?

I would like to recommend it to those who want a special fashion.

How much would you like to recommend this product to close people? Please give a score from 0 to 10 points.

10 points!